June 29, 2006

A Brief History

A Baedeker often begins with a brief over view of the area of interest as well as some general historical information. I will not bore you with yet another round up since many others have done a splendid job with the subject.

When you have finished exploring the Second Life Website and many of the links in my side bar, you might enjoy visiting these Areas of Historical Interest within the world:

  • SL Historical Museum, Phobos (217, 166, 33) - Created by Oz Spade, the Historical museum is dedicated to "chronicling and preserving the history of Second Life. The objective is to remember our past and where we have been and come from, while we continue to move forward into the future." It is well done and informative.

  • Second Life's Wall of History, Kirkby (133, 164, 24) - The Wall of History was created for the Second Birthday (by Pathfinder Linden, of course). While some of the information is outdated, much still has pertenance. There are some wonderful pictures from Alpha. The rest of the area is also worth exploring, there is a great deal of information about the various activities in Second Life, and an art gallery.

  • Governor Linden's Mansion, Clementina (188, 122, 62) - Preserved from Alpha as a monument to the early creators, the mansion is the oldest building in SL. The basement houses a photographic exhibit and the original time capsul.

  • Beta Monument, Plum (128, 53) - as a Resident of SL, it is important to reflect upon the Avatars that came before us. I strongly encourage a visit to this monument where the 1593 names of the Beta Testers are enscribed on the walls. Many of these individuals can still be located in "Find" indicating that their involvement in our world continues. You will recognize some of the names.

Visiting the Beta Monument

As a bonus: an RL historical display (This is not at all about the history of SL, but I discovered it while I was locating the coordinates for the museum and found it interesting).
Second Life Library History Gallery, Info Island 178, 159, 33
I am fond of endeavors to bring Real Educational Experiences into the Virtual World.


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