July 25, 2006

See the World, Walk for Life

This weekend, Relay for Life participants were treated to a stroll (or run or skate) through beautiful builds representing 17 countries and a variety of climates and cultures.


In China.

the coliseum


My personal favorite is Australia (I will admit that I am somewhat biased, there are more sheep in real life Australia than there are people). Somewhat off the beaten path, Australia offers an immersive experience with wildlife, billabongs and the bones of stranded travelers.


Eeeee! Snake!

I am not sure how much longer the sims involved in the Relay for Life will be open to the public, so visit while you can! Try to spend some time exploring, many of the most interesting spots and activities are off of the main route.

The Starting Point, Chats (72, 208, 26)

PS I am not especially fond of the new picture taking system.


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