July 08, 2006

Sim Neighbors

Max Case has developed a device which he has named the Registrator-Tron (now in version .4). This handy gadget attaches as a hud and generates a landmark to a random sim when clicked. Teleporting to the location shown on your map will take you directly to the center of that sim. You might end up in a casino or a lake or a tree, so tp with caution. The device also "registers" sims as you visit, providing database with a continuous supply of fresh information. The website will also tell you who your "sim neighbors" are, that is, the sims that share a server with yours!

My first try took me to a casino in Janus (Janus 127, 127, 66). And I spent a bit of time flying around after that and registered several sims that were new to the database. Woot! Eventually, I ended up in a parcel named Le Cimetiere that listed "vampire sex, goth and punk night club" as areas of interest. What I thought was interesting was that the area was surrounded by a very tall wall textured like the night sky.

The light blue circle at the bottom right is my Register-Tron.

While this looks a little odd when you are flying (and stops your progress when you fly into it), when you are on the ground it does provide the illusion of darkness.

Which is certainly a plus if you are a vampire. There is also a churchyard for those of you who are participating in the Dearly Departed photo competition.

You can get your own personal Register-Tron.4 in Games1. Click the swirly ball thing.

PS Ordinal Malaprop's Slurlchatter (available in the "Items Which are Free" box at Ordinal Enterprises has also proven to be an invaluable! Much like her Slurlbuilder, the Slurlchatter is an in-world tool that creates an on-the-spot slurl when clicked. An excellent resource for Baedeker entries. I have chosen to wear it on my right arm when exploring. It saves a great deal of time by eleminating the viscious cycle of rezzing and deleting.

Ranchos Grande de la Amigos (Games1 48,221,27) - home of the Register-Tron.4
That Casino (Janus 127, 127, 66)
Ordinal Enterprises (Caledon 96,32,0)


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