July 03, 2006

Spaceport Alpha

One of the most exciting sims in SL (for me, at least) is Spaceport Alpha. I spent at least an hour at The International Spaceflight Museum during my initial exploration, and still didn't manage to see everything! Even if manned space flight is of no interet to you (You're telling me that the entire time you were growing up you never wanted to be an astronaut?), Spaceport Alpha is still well worth a visit.

For one thing, the rockets are built to scale. A handy height meter is provided to give you a better perspective of the scope of the project.


I'm that little dot to the right of the rocket in the foreground.

In addition to RL photographs, detailed models and live events, there are several interactive exhibits including a "clockwork" model of the solar system (to scale, of course, there are pointers to indicate Pluto), a rocket that blasts off with you inside and a planetarium. All exhibits are accompanied by a wealth of information in notecards and "spoken" presentations.

The individuals involved in the construction and maintenance of the International Spaceflight Museum are too numerous to list here, so take a peek at the group listing for Spaceflight Museum Planning. Officers include Kat Lemieux (founder), Shaun Altman, Chaac Amarula, Gearsawe Stonecutter, Kanker Greenacre, and Troy McLuhan. You have done a magnificent job!

I've saved the best for last! The museum has live NASA TV coverage of shuttle launches! Well, it will be live coverage as soon as a shuttle is actually launched (the last two attempts were scrubbed due to weather). On the original launch date, I and enough people to fill the sim - we removed our shoes and other attachments at one point so that others could squeeze in - turned up to enjoy "t-minus 9 minutes and holding."

watching it on the Big Screen

Once the shuttle launch was scrubbed, participants indulged in a few fireworks and a rocket launch before the sim crashed.

rockets red glare

The next shot at launch is July 4, you can find a description and a handy tp in the events listings.

International Spaceflight Museum, Spaceport Alpha (49, 79, 24)

PS The gift shop has freeze dried ice cream! I love that stuff.


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