August 07, 2006

ANWR: In which Ida rants about ban lines.

This weekend, I did a little recreational sailing in my Tako. My journey began on the inland sea in the middle of the main continent. I noticed that there was a way to the coast, turned north and decided to see how far I could go. With the exception of one bizarre land anomaly where I had to portage my boat (at the corner of Tiger, Togata and Moma), I've made it all the way around the northern continent. In spite of the ban lines. I completely understand the desire to keep Creepy People out (and landowners have every right to do so), but I hate ban lines. You can't see them until it is too late.

Usually, running into a ban line while in a physics enabeled boat will knock you backwards in the water, reversing your momentum. This is a hinderance but not a desperate situation, as you can "moor" to stop the motion and then continue on your way. On occasion, a boat will get wedged into the lines and nothing can be done to get it back out. This is what happened yesterday on the northern coast of the northern continent. I couldn't stand up, moor, OR drag myself out with the mouse. I was sitting there, stranded in my boat, angry that I would to have to relog AND litter (the boat would be left behind) when SL was kind enough to inform me that my that my boat was now in my lost and found. Returned from Tickled Pink - TWO SIMS AWAY. So I relogged.

There is an upside to this: I ran across an interesting Linden build in ANWR.

the oil rig

A Linden Oil Rig!

I found this terribly amusing - the pipeline runs across the sea floor to the northern continent. The build itself is interesting and detailed, and has some sort of equipment that generates boxes, sends them down a conveyer belt and through a sliding door.

mess o pipes

I wonder why they need so many pipes.

office space

One of those charts seems to track the progress of the SLRR. I have yet to investigate.

It did strike me as odd that the rig appeared to be abandoned even though the equiptment was still in perfect working order. Perhaps some sort of X-Files-like Tragedy occurred.

Home of the Flying Tako Sailboat, Grey (25, 145, 21)
Portage! Tiger (14, 5, 53)
Tickled Pink, Pandorus (167, 218, 21)
Oil Rig, ANWR (104, 137, 24)


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