August 04, 2006

Beat the Heat: Visit the Snow Sims

Why not take a break from the opressive heat with a visit Japan in winter? With beautiful architecture, outstanding texture work, mist and snow, Silk Waters Mountain is a stellar example of an immersive environment. According to the current owner's (Snakekiss Noir) profile, the build was originally created by Versu Richelieu and Jova Song, but Snakekiss has expanded far beyond the orginal concept to fill a sim and then some. I had a marvelous time exploring the asian styled village and market place (Yay! Souvineers!) and soaking up the ambiance.

an asian building

an asian courtyard

buddah and some windchimes

I spent at least an hour hiking down the mountain, and I am sure that I did not see everything.

Silk Waters Mountain - the Peak, Verbier (173, 213, 213)
Silk Waters Mountain, Orelle (92, 112, 128)
Silk Waters Mountain - Lowtown, Orelle (192, 237, 106)


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