August 15, 2006


In my opinion, there aren't enough caves in Second Life. Probably because without the ability to hollow out the ground, they are tricky to do well. But luckily for me (and other SL spelunkers), Bizarre Berry had an inspiration to recreate the famous painted walls of the Cave of Lascaux. Complete with a hidden entrance (look around for the painted rock when you arrive), Bizarre's cave is a rare treat.

twisty turny passage

Start down the narrow passage way...

into the larger cave find the painted gallery.

As fan of the ancient world, I must say that I was happy to see this pop up in the forums! The paintings have been meticulously scanned and placed to their best advantage. Care has been taken to create a darker, cave-like atmosphere that enhances the experience. Bizarre's creation is a wonderful way to visit the caves. And the only way to visit at the moment - the real Cave of Lascaux was closed to the public in 1963. Carbon dioxide from visitors' breath (almost 1200 a day) was acidifying the moisture in the air, causing corrosion and algae growth.

The Cave of Lascaux, Modesta (98, 61, 58)
For more information about the RL caves, visit The Official Website.

PS There is an Ent avatar in Bizarre's shop!


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