August 25, 2006

New England Charm in a Virtual World

There is a new yacht club in SL. This tipped me off to a wonderful new estate.

I did a quick fly-over late last night of the eight sims that make up Cape Cod and quickly decided that they were well worth an extended visit. So this morning, I donned my clam diggers and arrived on the dock for a leisurely stroll through rustic New England.

the yacht clubhouse

The Nantucket Yacht Club.

As luck would have it, Barb Carson, the proprietor of the estate, was in-world and able to give me a few moments of her time. We sat on the beach in Block Island, the newest of the sims, where Barb started a bon fire and told me the story behind New England.

on the beach with Barb

Barb is from real world Long Island. She grew up deep sea fishing all along the the Eastern coast of Massachusetts; spending summers in a fishing boat, soaking up local culture and flavor. When she first came to SL at the suggestion of her brother-in-law, Barb began specualting in real eastate on the mainland. But there was nothing in SL that really felt like home to her. So she bought a sim and made a beach. Then added a fishing village and some shops. The project rapidly became New England, with four additional sims, Kendra Bancroft's (also from Long Island) talents as a builder, Mannie Madonna's boats (seriously, you should see the whaler) and Mathieu Basiat (of Bora Bora Isle) designed the waves.

As far as touist attractions and local interest are concerned, there is live music nightly in the events area, boat rentals, a casino boat and a small church that offers a full compliment of wedding services. The views are breathtaking.

Light House

The Whaler

The New England sims are still a work in progress, but the portions that have been completed reflect the look and feel of New England with a surprising degree of realism. It is peaceful there. The landscape has a very soft and natural feel to it, with land visible below the surface of the water. I am told that schools of native fish are being developed to bring life to the water. So visit now. And visit again in a few weeks as the estate grows and changes. You won't be dissappointed.

Homes and land (and houseboats!) are available for rent - contact Barb Carson or Montecore Babcock for more information.

The Nantucket Yacht Club, Nantucket (91, 65, 21)
Block Island (189, 119, 35)
The Lighthouse, The East End (196, 115, 35)
The Nantucket Marina, Nantucket (103, 16, 21)
The houseboats and Welcome Center, Nantucket (139, 158, 21)


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