December 30, 2006

Flight of Fantasy

As you may have noticed, I have a little bit of a soft spot for medieval-esque builds of all kinds. This might be a residual effect of all the fantasy I read as a kid. Or maybe it's because this sort of build in SL is almost always created for sheer pleasure. Or maybe I just like to play dress-up with my avatar. It's hard to say.

I can't remember what I was initially looking for, but I ended up in the J. R. R. Tolkien Education Center (which does not appear in Find Places). There, I picked up a notecard with several landmarks to Tolkien-related builds in SL. Among those landmarks was one to the island sim of Tol Eressea, a charming retreat in the style of Middle-earth.

quaint town

elven architecture

Beautiful textures, thoughtful landscaping and striking structures come together in Elror Gullwing's startlingly well-executed build. Tol Eressea is crammed full of the sort of details that bring a build to life: tables are set with supper in the inn, horses reside in the stable, boats float on the waters.


I am especially fond of the Millhouse with all of its working pieces.

the windmill

The picture of industry!

Subtle paths lead you from one area to another. Perpetual sunset, while not the best light for pictures, brings the atmosphere of a warm summer evening with all the inherent possibilites and mysteries to the exprience.

elven towers shilouetted against the sunset

Who am I kidding? Perpetual sunset is a great light for pictures.

The teleport in Find places lands you in the lower left hand corner of the sim. Underwater. So I don't reccommend arriving at on the island at that location. Instead you might wish to begin your explorations at the Prancing Pony and wind your way through the woods and up the snowy peak.

Don't forget, if the water doesn't appear, World --> Region/Estate will bring it back!

J. R. R. Tolkien Education Center, Glidden (45, 82, 594)
Windmill by the Millhouse, Tol Eressea (135, 75, 22)
Elostirion Tower, Tol Eressea (236, 123, 23)
The Prancing Pony, Tol Eressea (76, 61, 24) - the stable is out back


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