December 15, 2006


For those of you who are sick of snow, aren't interested in Christmas for one reason or another, or just like variety, I give you a dramatic change of venue:

Ride the rapids at the Tubes of Saturn!

The first step in your adventure is aquiring one of Ben Linden's world-famous InnerT00bs. These are available at the start of the rapids for L$1. They come in Classic Black Rubber, but are mod so that they can be customized. In fact, the InnerT00bs come with full permission so they can be shared with friends, enemies and newbies alike.

Ida makes it another color.

There are several parts to a t00b, be sure to "edit linked parts" when changing the texture.

Rez your beautified t00b in the water, right-click and select ride. The t00b will move lazily along with the current, but you can navigate the rapids with the arrow keys for a speedier ride (you'll wave your arms around as you careen wildly down the river).

riding the rapids


Take the fork to the right, and you'll go over a waterfall to continue your river journey through another five sims to open water. The fork to the left also has a waterfall but a shorter trip to open water.

pastoral views

Enjoy senic vistas and pastoral views along SLs many waterways.

Tubes of Saturn is part of the SL Public Land Preserve, a group that maintains many sites of historic and social interest throughout Second Life. Their group can be joined for a one-time L$50 donation.

Tinies don't need to feel left out of this particular SL pastime, Ben's t00bs are also available in miniature at Tiny Island.

a sheep in the water

Yes, I have a tiny sheep suit. I knit.

InnerT00bs are available for free not far from the Tiny T00bs, so if you are extremely short on cash, grab one there before heading over to the rapids. The t00bs work in all of the Linden water, so find yourself an area that has build enabled and go for a relaxing tour of SL waterways.

If the idea of donning a swim suit in mid-December gives you a chill, just remember: it's summertime in Australia.

Tubes of Saturn, Tethys (252, 154, 63)
Tiny Island, Yora (54, 37, 21)
Tiny T00bs, Yora (37, 52, 20)
InnerT00bs for FREE, Yora (2, 85, 20)
Wynx's Tiny Shop, Neverwhere (80, 98, 25) - you'll rez in the middle of the sim, just look for the red dot.


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