December 12, 2006

Winter Wonderland

The Holiday Season is upon us! Christmas builds are popping up all over Second Life.

Winterland, with toy stores, Christmas trees, and drifting snow, is an excellent way to get a dose of Christmas Spirit. Have a look around and take advantage of the fun free and nearly free goodies that are generously distributed around the area.


Follow the street to a coastline that has frozen over into a sizable ice skating rink - the perfect place to try out the Skoopf Icicles Limited Edition (a new pair each week) ice skates! These are the best buy that I have seen in ages. They are loaded with jumps, twirls and various unique features (depending upon the version you purchase) to occupy and amuse. Just watch out for thin ice!

thin ice

Winterlude Village, designed by Adam Burma, offers another jam-packed Christmas experience. Designed with the Canadian winter festival of the same name in mind, the build offers rides, gifts, "live" Christmas trees, skiing and pictures with Santa! Its location on the edge of the snow sims adds to the frosty atmosphere.

winterlude village

There is nothing like a Victorian Christmas - just ask Dickens. A gentle blanket of snow has covered the Independent State of Caledon bringing fun and frosty pastimes. A skating rink with adajacent pavilion in Port Caledon provides not only entertainment, but education with an abundance of Victorian Christmas facts and Christmas Cards to drop on your friends! Be sure to check the notice boards for more Holiday Events in the area.


Mmmm! Hot Chestnuts!

Take the time for a stroll or a tram (or train!) ride through this beautiful estate. As always, there are unexpected treats and striking personal touches throughout.

With the touchiness of the in-world search lately, it has been difficult to locate areas of interest. Please feel free to add SLurls to other Wintery or Holiday-themed locations in the comments!

Winterland, Del Agua (114, 233, 32)
Second Light by Moopf Murray, Nepessing (16, 207, 104) (but there are vendors everywhere)
Thin Ice, Del Agua (24, 24, 27)
Winterlude Village - Main Entrance, Takalo (144, 139, 175)
The Skating Rink in Caledon Orchard, Port Caledon (148, 51, 23)

Note: As with all teleports into Caledon, you will materialize at a hub. Just look for the red circle on your map to find your desired location. Mind the tram - it has no regard for life!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these winter playgrounds are delightful ... thank you for your kind post to guide us!

Blogger Ida said...

Thank you for taking me skating to give me the idea and the landmarks! :D


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