April 14, 2007

All These Worlds Are Yours

Except Europa.

Back in the day (2004), the first auctioned land in SL became available as 20 empty sims. One of the sims was called Europa. Lordfly Digeridoo spent the better part of an hour sliding a monolith from a build-enabled area to the empty sim of Io (Really. Read his full story here). When Io sold, Lordfly purchased a small plot in Europa and faithfully recreated the 8-prim landmark.


dum dumm dummm DUM DUM

While you are in Europa, pay a visit to another interesting location, Slice of Atlanta.

slice of Atlanta

DoteDote Edison will make a souvenir-size recreation of your place in SL!

I was lucky enough to run into DoteDote Edison while I was admiring his Nano Chair.

nano chair

A miniscule three-prim chair.

He confirmed that he had lived there since his rez day. Now an heirloom, a portion of Slice of Atlanta is his First Land plot. DoteDote kindly directed me to the SL Historical Museum in Phobos.

sl history museum

Open Air Museum - lucky it doesn't rain much, might be bad for the artifacts.

I've mentioned the museum before in one of my early posts about Second Life History, and I still recommend it as a "must visit" to those of you who have never been. Not only are there pictures and models the Olden Days, but you can pick up a Primitar avatar and mascarade as our early ancestors.


If you don't know what this is, you really need to get to the History Museum. Or watch this informative video.

The Monolith of Europa, Europa (210, 152, 88)
Slice of Atlanta, Europa (29, 185, 79)
SL Historical Museum, Phobos (220, 167, 33)


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