April 27, 2007

Casey Jones

On the Isle of Moonlight, not only is there a Yard Sale, retail shopping, bumper cars, boats and other amusements, but there is also a train!

train station

There are engineer hats in the vendor to the left.

The round-sim trip takes about 15 minutes with the train making whistle-stops at commercial points of interest and passing several scenic venues. Click the engine to start and stop.

water tower

Because it's a steam engine!


Please follow tradition and scream when you go through the tunnel.

The train winds it's way through the landscape and up a hill to pass the mysterious (and off-limits) Moonlight Castle. I also noticed a good deal of elevated track. When I say "elevated" I mean meters and meters and meters up in the air. I think a switch has to be thrown by the owner to take this dangerous and exciting high road.


The castle dominates the landscape.

As a bonus feature - there is a Geocache is in the area! Visit the official SL Geocaching website to find out more.

Isle of Moonlight (186, 117, 21)
Get your own train at Kitto's Toys, Webworm (33, 34, 92)


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