April 21, 2007

Guest Writer: Ignatius Onomatopoeia

The Mysterious Ape of Mauve
by Ignatius Onomatopoeia

A few meters (as the avatar flies) from the Dominus Motor Company, home of the impressive Shadow muscle-car, I found a mystery of SL: King Kong (the 1930s version).

Iggy and the Ape

There he was, cradling Fay Wray in his paw and as large as Willis O'Brien intended him to be. The great ape stands in "Crimson's Dig," a piece of land that, to this relative newcomer to SL, reminds me of an Englishman's mad folly. There is a fire-breathing dragon, Easter-Island monoliths, waterfalls and fountains.

Well, say no more. Time to start changing avatars and having some fun.

First I took off my skin and did my best to impersonate the great stone heads.


Next I did a hirsute "La Dolce Vita" pose in the fountain behind Kong, but to be honest I don't think Anita Ekberg has a thing to worry about.

two apes!

Getting one's avatar to stand on Kong's head invites comic disaster. It's easier to jump into the water or sit on the dragon's head.


What on earth is this abandoned theme park about? I can tell the curious reader this: one day Kong's eyes are open and the next, closed. Attempts to edit him or wear him like a skin have failed me.

So have my attempts to seize control of Kong and run amok in SL, or even free Fay from his grip. So if the King is not some huge robot, who IS opening and closing his eyes? And why are there other slight changes between visits? 

Crimson Sunchaser, a SL Charter member, is still playing with these digs, I think. One note: the Digs crash a bit. It's a complex piece of real-estate.

Dominus Motor Company, Chartreuse (68, 26, 30)
Crimson's Dig, Mauve (47, 169, 31)
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**Ida's Note**
Great find, Ignatius! To the right of King Kong is a series of waterfalls built by an individual named CrazyMonkey Fever. Coincidence? I think not.


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