April 27, 2007

Guest Writer: Joon Kim

Endless Summer!
by Joon Kim

Is the weather getting hot? Do you want to get rid of stress and not worry about final exams? Many of us probably came back from Spring Break not wanting to do any work.

Want to keep that Spring Break spirit alive until summer? To enjoy views of the beach, nice weather, and fun surfing or swimming right now, head for Siggy’s Waterworks Island. This place is for everyone to visit and enjoy: it's not a nude beach.

Joon arrives

On arrival, it's important to wear proper gear to have fun in the water. Swimsuits and beach-toys are for sale at the sim. Then take my advice: when you are ready to jump into the water, just hit the closest pool and cool down your virtual body. Swim around and enjoy the environment. Get on the diving board and try different styles of dives into the pool, then hang out with friends.

ripple water

After spending some time poolside, I rode the water slides to plunge into the ocean. When that thrill got old, I purchased a surf board and enjoyed the waves. Then, when I was done playing in the water, I headed to the bar for free rum (and drank responsibly). If that was not enough, I also relaxed on the beach tanning and got in a hammock to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

in the hammock

I finished my day at Waterworks with a jump in the hot tub to relax my muscles from all this hard work.

Siggy's WaterWorks Island, WaterWorks (240,243,21)

**Ida's Note**
Joon Kim is an RL student of Ignatius Onomatopoeia. As part of their course work this semester, Iggy's class took a "field trip" to Second Life (which, quite frankly, tickles me to death). Thanks for the article, Joon, Siggy's WaterWorks is one of my favorite places!


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Cowabunga, Joon! I plan some down-time there myself (as soon as grading ends).


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