April 22, 2007

silent sparrow

Two of my favorite stores, silent sparrow and factotum dicassel, have moved to their own sim. Not only does the new local offer a great Neovictorian shopping experience, but Hyasynth Tiramisu and Jessica Ornitz have a developed the entire sim in classic dark gothic fashion.

The layout is one of a sprawling estate (or smaller town - take your pick). The impressive main building, reminiscent of an institution, houses the main shops and is surrounded by elegant smaller buildings, paths and woods.

building exteriors

The smaller buildings contain (among other things) art galleries and living environments.

Naturally, it is always night. While this adds to "Victorian Mystery Novel" ambiance and many areas take advantage of local lighting effects, it is not the greatest light for pictures. I offer these few to pique your interest.

charming chaple

The cemetery is just outside.


The green house off the main building.

trap door

There is a secret in Jessica Ornitz's RL gallery.

The hidden trap door leads to the hydroelectric facility that powers the sim. There must also be a back up power supply as the water wheel was not turning at the time of my visit, yet the electric lights worked perfectly.

There are many little nooks and crannies for visitors to discover: paths meander, ponds and streams hide secrets, wildlife abounds.

silent sparrow (60, 236, 32)
chapel, silent sparrow (144 185 32)
Jessica's Gallery, silent sparrow (152, 202, 32)


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nice goth stuff ..

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