May 06, 2007

Forget it, Jake.

While the new sim of Downtown plays host to a variety of shops that cater to a variety of tastes, the whole sim is a brilliant and detailed build (almost overwhelmingly so) with layers of depth and interest. What really caught my eye was Chinatown.


It's a pocket of brightness in the dark and drab city. There are a few retail shops along the street, as well as a seedy, deserted hotel that also appears to be a crime scene.


And, of course, takeout!

take out!

You can pick up the metro at the Chinatown station.


If you fall off the platform (which I completely encourage), take time to thoroughly explore the tunnels, off-shoots and doors that lead to strange places. It's dark and complex down there - you may want to pick up a Top Hat With Light and pack a lunch before setting off. The trains actually run (I didn't know this until I had an Unfortunate Accident), so keep an eye out and don't touch the rail.

Telehub, Downtown (124, 92, 101)
Chinatown, Downtown (120, 45, 101)
Chinatown Metro Station, Downtown (49, 40, 101)
I.J. Ginsburg Hat w/Light, Steelhead (56, 87, 28)

Downtown has a forced landing spot, so follow the red arrows to find the locations above. The complexity of the sim does make it difficult to find specific places. I did not notice a directory or a map. The upside is, as long as you aren't in a hurry, there is plenty to see and enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, I'm a class act act falling off things in SL so will certainly try out the metro...C

Blogger Veronique Lalonde said...

Hi Ida! Totally cool that you featured our grungy apartment with the half-eaten Chinese takeout. Security is obviously lacking. :) The place is not abandoned, though. We even have at least one neighbour. However, it's not our primary residence. It's a pied-à-terre and a place for a particular fantasy dreamed up by my wife, Patrice.

Glad you enjoyed Downtown. Even if friends of ours hadn't been involved, I'd still be very impressed with the build.

Blogger Ida said...

Sorry for the intrusion, really the chalk outline in the lobby should have been enough to warn me off! :D I had to order take out that night for supper...your leftovers inspired me.

Which sounds kind of icky now that I say it out loud.

Blogger Patrice Cournoyer said...

Thanks for checking our den of iniquity out, Ida. You must have missed the WC with a Bulemia pose. It explains how so many avis maintain their girlish figures in SL.

Blogger Unknown said...

I went to Downtown the other. Loved there! :)


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