May 31, 2007

Guest Writer: Ignatius Onomatopoeia

A Grand Palais. . .And Lots of Artwork
by Ignatius Onomatopoeia

In a sim named after legendary bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, I found a different type of artwork at the Grand Palais Musee de Beaux Art. Though open for just a few weeks and still in the final stages of construction, both the Parisian building and fine-arts collection are worth a visit.

During my first trip there, I met Jacon Cortes and ROTFLCAKE Box of the Grand Palais. Box, whose avatar is a cyberpunk swordfighter, is both coder and rapscallion. Cortes, dressed like either a Mongol warrior or early Ottoman sultan (either way, a very lush look) explained that the art on the walls is for sale. He created the magnificent chandeliers; I cannot imagine how many crystalline prims went into each one. . .rug vendors, guest exhibits, and a tour service add more features to the museum.

The paintings I checked were priced at 100 Lindens or less, and they are rendered nicely enough to purchase a Frida Kahlo as a gift for the ever photogenic Kyo Runo, who served as my model during a second visit. I still have to decide what to get for myself.


Kyo and I were greatly impressed by the ground floor, and the designers are adding artwork quickly to the upper floors. The paintings are displayed well and grouped by artist or collection (Louvre, for instance). It’s a cosmopolitan touch to have the floor names by the teleporters in French.

The setting of the Palais is delightful enough to make one want to dress for the occasion. Thus I changed into a tux and we did our “La Dolce Vita” dance in tandem in the fountain outside the gallery.

dancin in the fountain

Then we flew up the roof to look at the hot-air balloon. Like the Venetian gondola tied up outside, when finished it will provide a guided tour of the sim.

balloon tour

To the owners of the Palais: Bon chance, mes amis!

Grand Palais Musee de Beaux Art, Howlin Wolf (190, 114, 21)

Ida's Note:
More snapshots from Ignatius Onomatopoeia's adventure can be found here.


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