May 19, 2007

Time Lord Technology

In my explorations, I haven't come across much in the way of science fiction builds that are open to the public. The Star Wars sims in particular are spectacular and immersive, but I am reluctant to recommend them as "sites of interest" because they are venues for role-playing. Nothing ruins a good firefight like a contingent of OOC tourists wandering about taking snapshots of the scenery.

Luckily, I happened to run across Marcus Prospero's TARDIS.

in the vacant lot

The missing "police box" sign is inside.

Naturally, since it is made with Time Lord Technology, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside.

engine room

I've always wondered what was at the bottom of these things...

With three levels and furnishings that are both lovely and interesting, there is plenty to look at and click.


Time Lords do lots of research.

the controls

Like all good Time Machines, the console has plenty of levers and knobs.

Considering that I have no Advanced Knowledge of the inner workings and the physics of the universe, my inability to make the thing go no matter what combination of levers and wheels I used is only to be expected.

Several of the control panels will teleport you to other locations! Don't worry, the Tardis follows you so you won't be lost forever.

Marcus Prospero's TARDIS, Lippert (153, 108, 171)


Blogger Osprey said...

I can't wait for time travel. We seem to be stuck in a part of time that's halfway to somewhere but not close enough for flying cars and silver spacesuits. We are just far enough out so that our computing technology seems to be lagging behind our imaginations and it's making me uncomfortable.


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