June 02, 2007

We Have Always Been At War With Eurasia

In the sim of Suffugium, Squidsoft Collective has depicted a grim future. A future that is "secure under the eye of Suffugium technology." Posters encourage citizens to report suspicious activity, for the well being of the community. Everyone is a potential threat to peace.

police station

Obedience to law is liberty.

Police Drones monitor the streets, scanning visitors to weed out the anarchists. Subcitizens are strongly encouraged to register upon arrival.

palm scan

The kiosk also provides information about the rules and activities of the sim.

The scenery is a mix of urban design and science fiction. I was encouraged by a refugee not to buy anything from the souvenir stand - it's how they get to your mind.

gas station

Perpetual sunset drapes the city in shadow.

The only place I found to escape the prying eyes was the elaborate sewer system. Enter the maze-like passages through any manhole.


The sewer network connects the entire city.

Role playing is encouraged but not mandatory for visitors. A freedom fighter requested that I let the wider world know about the resistance - there is a shortage of recruits because of all the Raids.

Ponder the future.

Suffugium (102, 116, 34)