January 22, 2007

Ancient Lands

"Will you risk death for adventure?"

The island sim of Ancient Lands makes good its claim of dedication to "lovers, adventurers and photographers" with a delightful theme park atmosphere and a variety of attractions. Need proof? The arrival point is in a giant fish's mouth.

the port

Ancient Lands offers shops (including a tattoo parlor if you feel the need to acquire a permanent souvenir of your visit), a great looking pirate ship to climb around on, an Elf Colony (a favorite party place for elves) as well as many hidden gardens and caves that lie off the beaten path. There are convenient teleports located in all the major areas. Don't be too tempted to teleport around, you'll miss some of the more obscure areas that can only be found by walking.

All that is fun, well done and thematically related, but my favorite thing about Ancient Lands is the rides!

Take the hot air balloon tour of the island for an overview of the area. The tour points out all the major areas of interest, offers entertainment suggestions and encourages visitors to explore on their own. After that, head to the port for a ride on a friendly dolphin.

jump dolphin jump!

Hi there, Angler Fish...haven't I see you somewhere before?

The Dolphin ride ends near the Beach Party Area complete with water slide, diving board, dance floor, and trampoline! There is also a Mine Cart Roller Coaster:

out of control mine cart


And a Zip Line Ride - a great opportunity for photos.

zip line


With the exception of the Zip Line, all the rides are designed with seating for two people, making this a great location to visit with a friend or a date. If your date goes very very well, there is also a wedding chapel and some isolated areas for...erm..."adult activities" (these are fairly well hidden, making is possible to visit without offending Delicate Sensibilities).

The Covenant for the private island reads: "As time goes by intrigue and mystery will be entertwined with adventure and exploration by clever and tricky quests. Secret areas are scattered all over the island and eventually they will all be tied together by a running story line." I am thrilled by this news - many areas seemed to be part of a larger story and I have always felt that SL could use more questing.

I never did figure out where the music videos were playing. Maybe the story line could include that.

The Arrival Point, Ancient Lands (137, 15, 23)
Tourist Info, Ancient Lands (134, 39, 24)
Balloon Tour, Ancient Lands (146, 42, 30)
Dolphin Ride, Ancient Lands (120, 74, 22)
Mine Cart Ride, Ancient Lands (204, 166, 67)
Zip Line Ride, Ancient Lands (109, 116, 59)


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