January 23, 2007

Around the Sim in 80 Days

Well, more like 20 minutes. And it took me another 10 to figure out how to make the balloon go - I completely missed the very handy "how to start the balloon ride" sign. Luckily there was no one around to see me looking like a dope.

Ambleside, Waterhead, Hawkshead, Grasmere and the edges some of the surrounding sims are home to the Linden Village where each Linden has a plot to create an in-world office. Several Lindens keep scheduled office hours (see their individual profiles for more information). The Waterhead Welcome Area (the one that looks like a summer camp), the Linden Recruiting Center, and RL Education In SL are are also located in the vicinity. I've visited the Linden Village on several occasions, but never noticed the balloon ride (I have Amazing Powers of Observation).

The tour begins and ends in a cute open-air pavilion (with refreshments).

oooh lemonade!

The How To sign is clearly visible to the right of the balloon itself. D'oh!

For those of you who are as Observant as I: sit in the balloon and say "go" to start your tour. The balloon flies all around Ambleside, pointing out the offices of various Lindens. Though tour script is out-of-date (Ben Linden retired recently and several other builds and Lindens mentioned no longer exist), the ride is still a nice overview of the area.

float through the air

The seat cushions can be used as floatation devices.

At the end of your tour, take some time to fly/stroll/run around the Linden Village. Linden plots vary widely in design, running the gamut from amusing, elegant, and informative to delightfully bizarre.

jack's tower

Jack Linden also has a grave with a tombstone that you can nap on.

dan's boxes

Dan Linden has a talent for creating Plywood Boxes. *click the green one*


An explosion of Watermelinden Goodness. Kind of like her bear (it's up there on top).

Pathfinder's Office

Pathfinder Linden's office is loaded with gadgets, souvenirs of his travels and battle trophies (Griefer skulls are stored in a glass display case).

For more pictures, Torley Linden has a Flickr set devoted to Linden Village. Or visit and take some of your own!

Balloon Tour of Linden Village, Ambleside (45, 40, 33)
Jack's Place, Ambleside (77, 211, 32)
Dan Linden's Land in Ambleside, Ambleside 165, 30, 30
Torley Watermelinden Land of Happiness, Fruit & Recitations, Grasmere (190, 39, 53)
Pathfinder Linden's Office, Ambleside (57, 104, 26)
Waterhead Welcome Area, Waterhead (36, 76, 25)
Linden Lab Recruiting Center, Waterhead (147, 131, 22)
Real Life Education in Second Life, Waterhead (184, 7, 40)


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