January 26, 2007


The sim of Pixel Dreams has been around since 2005, but with one thing and another, owner Tya Fallingbridge decided that after three years in-game it was time to reorganize. The sim and shops have been rebuilt as a charming beach front community complete with board walk, palm trees, and ocean breeze.

the boardwalk

The shops have plenty of room for new products. Yay!

Pixel Dreams offers a variety of activities in addition to shopping. I am absolutely enamored with the bicycles that are available to the public in a variety of colors. You "wear" the bike and ride it by means of the built-in AO, hand signals are included in the animation to ensure safe turns.

ida and Theo on bikes

The basket on the girl's version is a nice touch.

Surfing, windsurfing and boating will become available on Sunday, January 28 (tomorrow). Tya plans to have races in the near future.

The Happy Bean Cafe and ice cream carts provide refreshment and a place to take a break and organize one's thoughts.

Ida at the table

..let's see...bikes, boats, shoes...windsurfing on Sunday...have I forgotten anything?

Schmooze, the club located at the North end of the build, is swankiness personified. Glossy black walls and floors set off modern decor and lighting to its best advantage.

inside the club

The snapshots I took don't do the club justice. You will have to visit for yourself to fully appreciate the chic atmosphere.

Join the Pixel Dreamers Group to stay up-to-date on new releases, races and events!

Pixel Dreams (234, 27, 22)
Schmooze, Pixel Dreams (212, 193, 30)


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