January 25, 2007

You're it!

Oz Spade has given residents a way to make their mark in Sistiana by providing an abandoned building as a canvas for graffiti.

The former Oz's Meat

The building formerly known as Oz's Meat.

A Graffiti Canvas prim is provided; you create, upload and apply your own texture. Then simply situate your prim on the building. There are guidelines (read the notecard), and the objects will be cleared as the parcel fills or at Oz's whim.

Ida's Spray Can

Painting the town.

Black Market - Community Graffiti, Sistiana (134, 242, 45)
Elka's Spray Paint, boing fromage, Miramare (168, 167, 27) In the jewels/accessories/gadgets vendor - there is a tiny version too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya! Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you liked the project! :D

There used to be a lot more tags that people had left, but SLs autoreturn went all nutso because the parcel became full and older stuff was returned before newer stuff (this was awhile ago). Hopefully this won't happen again!

Happy Travels :D


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