March 28, 2007

Bring it.

I am an avid reader of Second Life Games, Ondar Skall's blog. I am a huge fan of board games in RL (particularly those that combine Strategy and Blind Luck) and it always tickles me to find games of any kind in Second Life. Recently, Onder showcased a goban board.

asian style house

Go is in here.

It turns out that Go isn't the only game Polaris Graystone has provided for the public at his Touchstone Cathedral. The restful Asian architecture of Effulgent Brown is the perfect setting for the challenges of a variety of single-player games.

Tower of Hanoi

I sorted the puzzle to the fewest moves possible (I think) but I was never able to do it quickly enough to get my name in the top scores.


I haven't seen sudoku in SL before!

peg game

Goooo, Ida! Way to play the peg game!


My personal favorite, I played Memory for ages.

Creator credits for the multitude of games include: DNA Prototype and Digi Vox, Stephane Zugzwang (sudoku), Psau Mfume (Go) and Chrystalshard Foo (hangman). The Cathedral is a scenic, thoughtful and fresh alternative to computer solitaire.

Cathedral, Home of the Pathfinders, Manua (161, 77, 25)
Deck full of one-player games, Manua, (186, 96 27
Goban, Manua (182, 65, 28)

If, like me, you can't get enough of Memory, the games by DNA Prototype and Digi Vox are available at the Gnubie Store in Indigo (214, 50, 47).


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