February 19, 2007

An Evening Out

In the already stunning sim of Intemptesta Nox, there is an unfinished build of surpassing grandeur.

the sign

The Opera Populaire.

Sue Stonebender has modeled the Opera Populaire after the L'Opera Garnier in Paris (designed by Charles Garnier and constructed between the years 1862-1875) and the set design of the recent film Phantom of the Opera. Though incomplete, the build is hardly unimpressive. The missing walls and gridded building textures do not detract from the finished portions of the build, but rather add to the haunted quality of the area.

the unfinished facade

The front of the building with its unfinished columns.

the entrance

The entrance hall.

on the stage

The view from the stage.


Magnificent view of the sunset through the open wall.

I believe that building is already haunted.

Opera Populaire, Intemptesta Nox (189, 155, 75)

Sue Stonebender is currently out of world due to health issues. When you are finished exploring the opera house, I encourage you to take a look around the beautiful Intemptesta Nox and it's sister sim, Sanctum Sanctorum.


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The sim is so cool!


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