January 31, 2007


Not only is it Update Day, but it's National Gorilla Suit Day! Who knew? Wynx Whiplash, that's who! Her gorilla AVs (and chimp AVs) are on sale for L$100 each until 10pm SLT! I got one, of course, and what better place to show off your gorilla suit than in the wilds of a jungle?

On the island of Pamran, I found exactly what I was looking for.

aztec temple

I have always had a thing for pyramids.

Designed in the style of a Mesoamerican temple, the Temple of the Jaguar is dedicated to meditation, prayer and yoga. The temple opens when you say the magic words to reveal a secret interior - this was broken when I was there, but you can move the camera around and peek inside. Some very nice yoga animations are placed around the temple.

sun salutaion

Gorillas are naturally flexible.

The build is in a secluded local with lush foliage, waterfalls and a bevy of poseballs to enjoy.

just hanging

Gorillas really know how to relax.

You can always invite a firend to join you in your explorations. Especially a friend in a gorilla suit.

two on the temple

Hey, Osprey, is that another balloon ride? I just love Balloon Rides!

It turns out, Pamran is an artists' community sponsored by Guran Solomon. My brief glimpse of the area, the kindness of Guran (in spite of the gorilla suit), and hints of the legends that surround the island have made me anxious to return (in my girl suit) and take a better look around. I'll keep you posted.

Temple of the Jaguar, Pamran (245, 200, 22)
Gorilla suits! ExtroVirtual - Wynx's Whimsical Wonders, Flights of Fantasy! Emit Time (67, 180)
Poppies, Figments, Bisque (101, 102, 25)


Blogger Osprey said...

That was a lot of fun - I think changing my look made all the difference. It's a bit like wearing a Hawaiian shirt or some other holiday garb.

Blogger Osprey said...

I forgot to say THANK YOU for telling me about the gorilla suits!


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