March 19, 2007


I recently paid a visit to Caledon Tanglewood, the Independent State of Caledon's newest and northernmost sim. The forest sim is springing to life at the hands of its quirky and completely charming residents. After a delightful stroll, I took a ferry ride (provided by Miss Kamillah Hauptmann) through Lionsgate to the charming Port Caledon where I hoped to catch a glimpse of Nessie.

Upon arrival, I noticed a manhole.

giant cover

Curiouser and curiouser.

So of course, I clicked it (you can find the most entertaining things by clicking indiscriminately). I was not disappointed, the manhole cover opened obligingly, revealing a dark maw. I hopped right in. And fell quite a ways to land in a dimly lit underground cavern (World->Force Sun->Midnight for the best effect).

tunnel, green

Luckily, in Second Life, one can breath underwater.

To the east was a large open area that I believe lies underneath the city streets. I followed the passage to the west, past some unusual artifacts...


I wonder if the driver managed to phone home for assistance.

...through a grate to the equally unusual basement room of The Lion and the Setting Sun. Which contained, among other things, an avatar-sized specimen cage.

in the cage

*panic panic*

I quickly located the exit at the opposite end of the room and found myself beside The Lion and the Setting Sun, Miss Hauptmann's workshop. I poked around, taking note of several intriguing gadgets and the boxes of textures along the wall. I also perused the available reading materials to discover that Miss Hauptmann is "the last 'daughter' of Doctor Moreau. He was delicious." This information does explain the items in the basement...

Telehub, Caledon Tanglewood (128, 207, 22)
Ferry Landing - Tanglewood side, Caledon Lionsgate (138, 248, 22)
Manhole at the Pier, Port Caledon (149, 122, 22)
The Way Out, Port Caledon (111, 194, 22)
The Lion and the Setting Sun, Port Caledon (123, 175, 23)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ida, this is quite a fine entry, and I say that as more than a recent guest-writer here :)

I've been curious about visiting Caledon ever since getting a copy of the Guide to SL. The idea of a Sim dedicated to the look, feel, and, one hopes, language of another era is just too cool. . .

I need a Victorian suit and bowler. If I could manage it, on Halloween night I would stride up the quays of Port Caledon in a Martian fighting machine w/ heat ray and sirens blazing, right out of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds.

Now THAT would be a griefer attack that might actually entertain folks.

Keep up the good work!


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