March 07, 2007

Jack never had it so good.

I was flying around registering sims (as I am wont to do), when I came across a very large sunflower. A VERY large sunflower.

giant sunflower

There are fairy cushions to sit on in the top!

It's description claims that "Pandora's Giant Sunflower" is the "biggest in SL." I lack the resources to confirm this, but I will say that I personally haven't come across any other sunflowers of such staggering proportions.

Seeing the sunflower reminded me in mind of another larger than life plant: Stellar Sunshine's climbable beanstalk.

the foot of the beanstalk

With a creation date of July 3, 2003 (I just learned about "inspect object"), the beanstalk is one of the oldest resident-built objects that I know of in Second Life. Legend has it, if you prove you can climb to the top unassisted (no flying no scripts), you'll be rewarded with L$500!

so high

That red balloon wouldn't give me a tour.

I wonder if anyone has made it to the top. I sure can't.

Pandora's Giant Sunflower, Theretra (178, 202, 204)
The Beanstalk, Welsh (31, 81, 22)

Lordfly Digeridoo recently posted a link to snapshots of the 104 sims that were extant in March of 2004. Interesting stuff.


Blogger Osprey said...

Looks like a BamBam Sachertorte sunflower - is it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, but I have one about this size in Grasmere.


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