April 03, 2007

Caffinate Me

I was in the market for an air conditioner (it gets hot in the summer) but all I could remember about the shop was the sim name. I found the Tu Amor Marketplace in search->places and figured that had to be it. I landed right in front of Addison White's Java Joe's Coffee House. Not what I was looking for, but I never let things like that stop me.

outside the shop

I smell caffeine!

Java Joe's has an authentic coffee shop atmosphere.


Although there is a wide selection, all drinks are self-serve unless you bring a friend.

peppermint coffee

Mmmm, peppermint coffee. My favorite!


It's one of those coffee shops that encourages you to just hang out. For hours.

I was so inspired that I made a second RL pot before purchasing my air conditioning unit from Screw This Appliances at the end of the block. I also acquired some Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup. Syrup tastes better when it is in a bottle shaped like a woman. It's scientific fact.

Tu Amor Marketplace, Tu Amor (61, 132, 24)
Java Joe's Coffee House, Tu Amor (75, 98, 23)
Air Conditioner, Screw This Appliances, Tu Amor (27, 21, 24)


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Ida, you always discover the most amazing places. :)


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