February 01, 2007

The Great Wall

A 50 meter high wall of Linden origin spans the Northern continent (Heterocera Atoll) from Spini to Horisme.

in front of the entrance

It's an Imposing Structure.

I was unable to contact the creator to ask for more information: Governor Linden did not appear in Search->People. I was able to pull her profile from the land ownership page - this reduced my concern (and the possible impact on SL politics) somewhat.

map screen

The Great Wall crosses 13 sims. (The wall is that grey line.)

Each entrance has a staircase that leads to the dimly lit interior. It is possible to walk the length of the wall along a seemingly endless corridor.


That's not the light at the end of the tunnel, it's the end of my draw distance.

Or to run along the top, where the scenery is a little better.

the wall from the outside

There appear to be caterpillars etched in relief on the outer walls. Could this mean something?

A word of caution if you are inclined to run at breakneck speed along the top of the wall: sim crossings (where everything goes a bit phantom) can be dramatic at that height.

The wall gives the impression of great age. Residents have built shops and homes against its imposing sides. Many of the blocks with which it was made are showing the tell-tale signs of prim drift. Portions of the roof seem to have caved in completely.

messy prims

The auto-return might also be having issues.

The History Wiki was frustratingly devoid of any information about the purpose of the wall, although Magellan Linden's exhibition notes might prove fascinating. If anyone has more information concerning this historic build, or knows the whereabouts of the Governor, please contact Ida Keen, Amida, Second Life. Leave your comments after the beep.

Ways into The Wall can be found at:
The Northern End, Spini (73, 137, 100)
Jubata (166, 150, 101)
Tyta (226, 238, 114)
The Southern End, Horisme (67, 53, 132)

Giant Max Case Statue (not pictured), Obscure (19, 129, 100)


Blogger Osprey said...

The creator is Xenon, not the guv. On another note, a couple of months ago I found something Magellan left at my house and went to send it back, only to find he is gone. I was upset - well, I still am. I IMed Bub thinking he might have information but he never replied. I think about making black armbands for our lost fun Lindens, but... :'(

Blogger Osprey said...

*bursts into tears*

Blogger Ida said...

*pats Osprey's shoulder*

There, there.

It's a shame that the Governor is taking all the credit for that build! It really is something. Poor, Xenon, I wonder if that's why he left...

Blogger Max Case said...

awww, no picture of the giant statue ;(
The wall is one of my favourite SL landmarks. good stuff covering it.

Blogger Osprey said...

As far as I know Xenon didn't leave. I am just a comfusing crap communicator.

Blogger Ida said...

I couldn't get a decent angle in the picture, Max! Pictures didn't do the magnificent representation justice, folks just have to see it in person. :D

Xenon isn't in search either (unless the Lindens have developed some sort of top-secret cloaking device which is totally possible).

Blogger Osprey said...

hmmmm :(

I was just looking at his profile - but it was as creator of an object. Hope he's not gone. He's an artist. And a monkey.

Blogger Unknown said...

Great! I couldn't get in... yet! I was always falling.

Blogger Ida said...

Aww, Ana! I'm sorry you couldn't get in - falling it the worst! Try the SLurl tot he Southern, end, I am pretty sure that will land you on the ground. If not, just tp to the sim you want - the wall is hard to miss once you get there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this blog!

Blogger caLLie cLine said...

i love this blog too! i just discovered it and will make SURE to visit regularly!!! awesome!

thanks so much.



Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks, Ida!


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