February 09, 2007


I was out and about in my Wee Tiny Tako this morning when I saw smoke on the horizon.

what's that?

The Wee Tiny Tako seats both big and little people, but why not wear a tiny suit?

I beached my boat and hopped out to have a look around. Harry "Astrohog" Linden seems to have crashed his spaceship on this tiny island.

tiny island with a tiny crash

Anybody got a fire extinguisher?

The wreckage is still smoking, but the island was abandoned. The passengers must have been rescued soon after they set up camp and discovered the therapeutic mud bath. Perhaps they realized that they could fly and simply levitated to safety, abandoning their supplies. When you visit, look around for a Space Chest with fun freebies including a model of the Hog Space Craft.

Hog Spacecraft Crash Site, Mohrr (195, 200, 21)
Wee Tiny Tako, Home of the Flying Tako Sailboat, Gray (35, 162, 21)
Tiny Sheep Suit, ExtroVirtual - Wynx's Whimsical Wonders, Flights of Fantasy! Emit Time (68, 180, 24)

World->Region/Estate brings back the water.


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