February 27, 2007


For anyone at all interested in machinima or photography, Fox Atomic Island is a treat.

I first became aware of Fox Atomic a couple weeks ago when I heard about the machinima contest.

by the sign

While you're visiting the website, be sure to give I <3 Mutants a look!

The deadline for contest submissions has passed, winners will be announced Friday and I've started to wonder if the island will be available much longer. So take advantage of this opportunity to see the sites and pick up a free copy of the contest avatars and version 6 of the alt-zoom camera.

mutant, football player, infected guy and national gaurd

You never know when a mutant suit will come in handy.

Movie sets abound - this is no surprise, Fox Atomic is a branch of Fox Filmed Entertainment. Among the many "locations" for filming on the island are a foot ball stadium, a deserted mine, a beach scene with a jungle behind it and a nicely detailed bridge.


Young Ida wondered if she would ever make the team.

If that isn't enough to get your creative juices flowing, Sound Stages 1 and 2 have a number of additional sets: western, sky scene, jungle, suburban streets and green screen.


Everything seems quite enough...

The main building and amphitheater run trailers for the upcoming movies (enable your streaming video in preferences to watch).

All and all it is an intriguing example of real world marketing in a virtual setting. Kudos to Millions of Us and Fox for creating this interesting experience.

Fox Atomic (13, 13, 23) - avatars and camera are to the left
Football Stadium, Fox Atomic (196, 218, 23)
Sound Stage 1, Fox Atomic (119, 77, 22)
Sound Stage 2, Fox Atomic (51 147 22)
Main Building, Fox Atomic (32, 30, 23)


Blogger Rodica Buzescu said...

Thanks for the wonderful review, Ida. I love reading about your travels :)

Blogger Unknown said...

Me too! I love your travels. I will be following you. ;)

Blogger Ida said...

Thank you! :D


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