February 07, 2007


The Riverwalk is an open air art and community center, built along the shores of Snake River. Near the arrival point is a guidebook notecard - I strongly suggest you pick one up - the area is sprawling. The guidebook also gives a history of how the area has grown and changed over time. The Cliffhouse, the Riverwalk's original build, was created in the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright: clean lines and an appreciation of the surrounding landscape. The area grew, as builds often do, but it maintains the feeling that the structures are part of the land rather than being built on the land.

the cliffhouse

The Cliffhouse, like all of Riverwalk, is open to the public.

The Cliffhouse contains a variety of casino games as well as classic board games to play. Down the steps is the Swan Boat Rental Dock where L$5 will buy you 30 minutes of quite time on the water. All proceeds directly support The Riverwalk. For a brief tour of the area, grab a seat in one of the Swan Boats that are meandering along the river.

swans on the river

The Swan Boats are built for two.

Surrounding the Cliffhouse are meandering paths, patios with scenic overlooks and unexpected sculpture gardens. There is also an unusual maze of stone columns to the North. There is art everywhere. Art by RL artists in SL that has been uploaded - photographs, paintings, sketches - as well as prim sculpture is around every corner and leaning against every railing. If you are looking for that special piece to hang on your wall, or maybe a gift for a Valentine, I can almost guarantee you'll find it here.

hand stand

"Hand Stand" by Starax Statosky. Not for sale.

Have I mentioned the sky diving? No? Buy the Parchute for L$0, hop in the jet propelled Octopus Launcher and you are ready to go. SL was having some inventory issues when I was visiting, so I relied upon my PoppinsUmbrella instead.


Falling from 15,000 meters is a great way to see the world.

I'm going back to enjoy the nightly fireworks as soon as I figure out what time sunset happens. Hope to see you there.

The Riverwalk, Ganymede (25, 227, 25)
The Riverwalk Cliffhouse, Ganymede (124, 241, 31)
Swan Rentals, Ganymede (111, 209, 21)
Maze Entrance, Europa (10, 27, 28)
Sky Diving, Ganymede (70, 175, 25)
PoppinsUmbrella, Mahoroba, Shaka, (110, 219, 25)

Bonus find: Dam across the river by Xenon Linden, Ganymede, (203, 118, 41)

Note: there is a forced landing spot for teleports, look to the red lines/dots that the SLurls create to find the locations.
As always, World->Region/Estate will bring the water back.


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