February 24, 2007

Up to Somethin'

Ever since that whole Volcano Tragedy at Tableau, the amount of sunny boardwalk recreation in my Second Life has been sparse. This changed when I dropped by Mischief Cove.

overview of the cove

Not a volcano in site.

The Cove is loaded with cute shops (and a free gift or two) arranged around a nice, long board walk that is perfect for roller-skating.


I totally caught that shark myself.

The outdoor cafe area offers opportunities for lounging in the sun as well as coffee and hot dogs from nearby carts.

coffee? anyone?

Just a tip: don't roller-skate with your coffee cup attached. Ouchy.

And, of course, no waterside build is complete with out sunbathing on the beach.

lounging in the sun

The shop rental office is in the lifeguard stand.

Miko Omegamu seems to have done most of the building (this observation is based solely on my hovertips), but either she or MissPrint Mahoney may be contacted for rental information. The private residences located on the outer edges of the island are also stunning, well-detailed builds. Be respectful if you choose to take a look around; with or without ban lines, those are people's homes.

As an added attraction, Mischief Cove also offers free classes (search in events for "Mischief") on a floating barge in the center of the cove. I'll be back tomorrow to make a Blingin' Diamond Ring. It's every girl's dream!

Mischief Cove, Mischief (147, 154, 24)
Roller Skates, Skoopf Vendor, Mischief (131, 97, 24)
Skinned Knee (available as a texture), Panjen, Abscence (162, 118, 25)
Beach, Mischief (239, 116, 21)
Chester!, Mischief (186, 118, 3) - Not Pictured

For more information and a compete calendar of Mischief Cove events, visit mischiefisland.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was partially filmed in Mischief:


Blogger Ida said...

That's great! I recognized the house. I hope Redman didn't come to a bad end...

I forgot to mention (in a shamless bit of self promotion) that Osprey Therian Studios has produced an entry in the Fox Atomic Machinima contest. It can be viewed here:


Blogger Unknown said...

this sim looks so nice


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