March 07, 2007

Guest Writer: Ignatius Onomatopoeia

In Xanadu Did. . .
by Ignatius Onomatopoeia

After five weeks in SL, I am still new enough to have jaw-dropping moments. Svarga provides that; I felt as though I were strolling around Coleridge's poem.

exploring the island

The island, created by Laukosargas Svarog and currently owned and maintained by the Illusion Factory, has a Myst-style design with lush tropical plants, a virtual-life experiment, and even an oracle created by none other than Taras Balderdash himself. On my first visit I did not try the island's sound-stage experiment; it generates music based upon AVs chat.

When I popped into the telehub, I was in a crowd of AVs, something I'm not used to encountering in my early-morning (East-Coast US time) forays. I immediately jumped into a little egg-shaped flying car that gave me the guided tour. Be sure to use Mouselook as you fly over the island. The setting is so detailed that getting the best orientation possible will help later on foot or flying.

riding in the egg car

And this is a great place to walk. Practice walking on the rope bridge. . .I fell off. Also spend a few Lindens to feed the birds. Look for bird seed near the fountains of Svarga.

look out below!

I ended up at the shop (of course) and enjoyed browsing the items that are Svarga-themed. Well worth 200 Lindens for some way-gone shades for this virtual Beatnik, dig? Then I took the Ambipod elevator (just outside the shop) to a wildly immersive audio/visual experience of floating in space.

Svarga Telhub, Svarga (2, 121, 21)
Oracle, Svarga (192, 121, 98) - downstairs from this courtyard
Illusion Factory's home sim, Illusion Factory (128, 128, 0)

**Ida's Notes**
You can read more about Laukosargas Svarog's amazing creation and the Virtual Balance of Life that Svarga is hosts on Hamlet Au's blog, New World Notes. Articles of particular interest include God Game and Saving Svarga. I also just discovered that Svarga is Sanskrit and refers to a Heaven where the righteous await their next reincarnation. Go figure. I always assumed it was just a play on the last name Svarog. Thanks for the great post, Iggy!


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