February 19, 2007


In the sim of Wildcat, a remote hermitage is nestled into the slope of the land.

God Alone

The lintel is inscribed with the words "God Alone."

The area is called St. Benedict's Monastery in the land title and St. Theophane's Monastery in the owner's picks. I was unable to get in touch with prioress, Francois Jacques, to confirm the name (it's Update Day). Francois' profile names Eva Virgo as the creator of many of the structures.

The build is well planned and executed, if you follow the walkway up the hill from the first SLurl, you will find yourself outside the Monks' Enclosure.

do not enter

Individual cells are also located in this complex.

A small cemetery is located further along the path.


The old abbot is buried here.

Turn to the right and climb the several sets of stairs to the chapel and bell tower, where you can in lose yourself in silent meditation and prayer.



It is easy to imagine the residents going about their accustomed rounds in the seclusion and peace of the abbey.

Front Gate, Wildcat (53, 170, 36)
Monastic Enclosure (do not enter), Wildcat (77, 111, 46)
Cemetary, Wildcat (96, 47, 49)
Chapel, Wildcat (42, 42, 95)

Once again, my thanks to Pinget for the landmark.


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